Rachel Middleton

Rachel enjoys telling people that she’s from Jupiter. And after growing up on the stormy planet, she moved to LA… for the weather, of course! She now does improv and commercials and has adorable hang outs with her dog, Ava (aka Meeps, aka Squinky, aka Peepers, etc, etc.) Rachel cherishes being able to create Drop Trou with, in her opinion, the two funniest ladies on Earth- much funnier than the ladies on Jupiter. Much funnier.

  • Leslie Watkins

    Leslie was born at some point between the 80th and 90th year of the 20th century somewhere in Northern America (likely Kansas [citation needed]). She probably took acting lessons somewhere, and it is theorized, however unconfirmed, that she may or may not hold a degree from an accredited institution that specializes in such skills.

    Leslie suffers from an irrational fear of whales. Some scientists suspect this fear may expand to include dolphins and other species of porpoise, however more research is needed before a definitive answer can be given.

    Conversely, she exhibits an overwhelming love of tigers. Most scientist consider this to be highly ironic as a tiger would be more likely to injure her upon contact than whales or dolphins, which are known for their gentle and calm demeanor.

    Unlike other cryptozoological species, the existence of Leslie is no longer in question as several blurry photographs of her walking through the woods have recently surfaced.

  • Kate Heckman

    Kate was born and has been living ever since. She has webbed toes and stays in a room on top of a hill. In lieu of gifts, please send brownies.

  • BOYS

    Sean Brogan

    Sean is a media professional. An urban man by location, Sean enjoys life’s pleasures and can often be found right where he is at all times. In the future, Sean forsees himself living a similar yet improved version of his current life. Some of Sean’s past works include but are not limited to some of his favorites. Drop Trou continues to be one of Sean’s most current projects and each episode seems to eclipse the newness of the one before it.

    Jakob Hill

    Jakob sieht aus, als er der Meister der Land-oder See sein könnte. Angeblich ein Nachkomme des großen Captain Picard, segnet Jakob der Dropdown Drou Damen mit seiner filmischen Fähigkeiten und Humor.